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Lime Out Is Open!

Exciting things are happening on St. John with the addition of Lime Out! The owners of Lime Inn in Cruz Bay just opened a floating bar on the East End. You will find them at Hansen Bay where they did their grand opening earlier this week.

Opening day!

The owners built this bar using the most eco-friendly and sustainable design they could. The boat is adorned with solar panels for all natural electricity, and there will be no reusable plastics aboard. They have branded insulated tumblers for you to enjoy a cold cocktail, which you can buy or borrow. Everyone is also welcome and encouraged to bring their own reusable cup to fill with a Lime Out cocktail, or two! Their food menu is centered on delicious tacos that they have been testing out at their restaurant, and they are simply amazing. You can choose from short rib or shrimp tacos, and everything in between. The portions are generous and everything is fresh and absolutely delicious.

Pulling up to the new Lime Out!

You will be encouraged to arrive by boat, paddleboard or kayak to Lime Out. Since the bar is a bit far off the shore, swimming is not recommended, but you are able to rent paddleboards or kayaks right off the beach. They will also be offering delivery service to any other vessel in Hansen Bay, or on the shore. You can swim right over to their swim-up bar from your boat, and lounge in the crystal blue waters while enjoying the perfect food and drink pairings to go along with the beauty of the East End of St. John.

Lounging, sipping, and enjoying the view!

Having another hangout spot within the U.S. territory is an amazing way to get the full experience of a boat trip if you prefer to stay local rather than entering British waters. Lime Out will be an awesome way to continue to support St. John, create amazing memories, and have a blast while doing it! They have awesome merchandise available for purchase, so you can show off being one of the lucky few to visit Lime Out during its opening days.

We’ll take one of everything!

Lime Inn is the longest family owned restaurant on St. John, and they are welcome and wonderful members of the community. Everyone is delighted to see them expand, and very excited to have an awesome new hangout spot, brought to St. John by incredible owners. Sunshine Daydream made our inaugural trip on opening day, and it was an incredible experience that we can’t wait to share with our guests.

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