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Peace Hill, St John

Peace Hill is a short 0.2 mile walk from the paved parking lot off the Northshore road in St John. The trail leads to an open, very scenic grassy overloook with views of the North Shore of St John, St Thomas, Whistling Cay, as well as Jost Van Dyke, Great Thatch and Tortola, BVI’s. There is an old windmill ruin at the top of the trail that dates back to the sugarcane era in St John.

There was, until 1995 a statue of the Christ of the Caribbean next to the windmill. It was commissioned by Colonel Wadsworth in 1953, and was said to have been built to oversee and bless the land and sea. The statue survived many hurricanes through the years, but finally succumbed to Hurricane Marylyn in 1995. You can still see some of the statues ruins, and the dedication plaque remains in place to this day.Views to the Northeast of Mary’s Point, Whistling Cay, Great Thatch and Tortola from Peace Hill.

Looking to the East at Jumbie Bay and Trunk Bay along the North Shore of St John.